Events & Birthdays

Our downstairs space accommodates 150 standing or 75 seated, and our private upstairs loft accommodates 80 standing or 40 seated. We don’t charge a rental fee and can create custom packages to fit all of your needs!

Charities & Fundraisers


We are the official home to all Raise New York charity events and actively support a variety of charitable organizations! We are happy to donate a percentage of your groups total spend to the charity of your choice when you host an event with us.


Sports Viewing


With 28 Flat Screen HD TVs strategically located across the venue, hosting a viewing party for a big game has never been easier.


If coming with just a small party, we can happily accommodate you with a table in viewing distance of the game of your choice.


Birthday Parties


Once a year it’s time for everyone to celebrate YOU! We offer amazing specials for birthday parties of all sizes. Avoid complications and hassles of other venues and enjoy a seamless experience for you and your guests. Enjoy your celebration to the fullest with the opportunity to eat/drink for free on your special day.

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